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    Beijing takes multi-measures to promote veterans' employment

    來源:China Military Online責任編輯:Li Wei
    2020-10-28 13:26

    By Huang Jianfeng and Zhou Jiawang

    BEIJING, October 28 -- In recent years, Beijing has taken various measures to promote veterans' employment and business start-ups. A total of over 4,000 veterans in Beijing have successfully started their own businesses, among which the cutting-edge industries, such as aerospace, new-generation information technologies, and biomedicine, account for over 36%, and there are more than 1,000 enterprises with registered capital of more than 10 million yuan.

    The government encourages and supports veterans to work in the municipal veterans service centers and veterans service stations in the subdistrict offices and communities. There are more than 2,200 veterans working in the veterans service support institution, accounting for 12.5% of the total staff therein.

    For the veteran soldiers, a series of robust measures have been taken to provide more opportunities for their re-employment. Beijing has opened up a firefighter recruitment channel for the national fire and rescue team, one third of the positions prescribed in which are preferentially reserved for the veteran soldiers demobilized from military units in Beijing. Meanwhile, it has been actively exploring exclusive channels for retired soldiers to apply for civilian auxiliary police..

    In addition, Beijing has effectively promoted veterans' self-employment by strengthening policy support, enhancing education and training, and optimizing public services.

    According to the newly introduced implementation measures for vocational skills training, every veteran can enjoy free skills training for no more than 3 times per year. Retired soldiers can get admitted to higher vocational institutions, and 1,500 of them got educated for free in the past three years with an employment rate up to 90% after graduation. Many banks serve to provide guaranteed loans for veterans' startups. The enterprises which have recruited retired soldiers or the businesses started by veterans can enjoy the tax preference policies. In 2019, the cumulative reduction or remission of taxes was up to over 6 million yuan.

    According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Veterans Affairs, during the COVID-19 epidemic, Beijing has launched multiple online recruitment campaigns for veterans with nearly 300 companies and more than 9,400 positions involved, over 40% of them from state-owned enterprises. Since the beginning of 2020, almost 40 recruitment campaigns for veterans have been launched online and offline at municipal and district levels, with nearly 2,000 companies and more than 30,000 positions involved.